Easy and Organic!…Use Essential Oils to Stop Smoking

Easy and Organic!…Use Essential Oils to Stop Smoking


Hello there! If you are here, it probably means you are looking for a natural way to take away the negative habit of smoking from your life! And you are at least a little curious about how to benefit from using essential oils to stop smoking.

As an ex-occasional smoker, I understand how annoying and shaming it can be to hear remarks like…“Do you really want to get lung cancer ? “…“Are you ever going to quit?” or even “Don’t you want to decrease your use, at least a little bit ?” …NON STOP.

I have a close friend to whom I tried to convince to quit smoking too. You are probably saying : “It’s impossible to convince people to break a habit or addiction with words alone”. I completely agree with you. I stopped bothering him when I realized he obviously didn’t want to hear any more on the subject from me.

I changed my approach and I started to collect information about the best and most natural way to tackle the problem of nicotine addiction, and that’s when I discovered that it’s possible to use essential oils to stop smoking.

I’ve done my best to research which essential oils are effective and I believe this article could be helpful just as much for smokers as for people who wish to help their relatives put a definitive end on this addictive habit.

Everyone will have a different motivation to reach their specific smoking abstinence goal. So find your’s or help a family member with theirs. To support your efforts, in this article, you will discover why the use of essential oils works to stop smoking, which oils to use and how to use them.

Welcome to your first day of a smoking free life!


Any means that works to say goodbye to your tenacious addiction to nicotine are great. If you are reading this article, it proves you are brave and becoming aware of your body’s need for improved health.Bravo!

Essential oils are possibly the only alternative which stops addictive dependency without causing you to feel any side effects. Alternatively, nicotine replacement product such as ‘patches’ or ‘sublingual tablets’ has can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, hiccups, dyspepsia, muscle pain, poor concentration and skin irritation.

Why are smokers triggered to reach for the next cigarette? Everyone has their own reasons, but most people feel increases in stress, anxiety, nervousness, or irritability. When you cease smoking these triggers don’t stop and are still there waiting for you and possibly even heightened without the accustomed release provided by nicotine.

Essential oils used as an aromatic solution address all of these emotional issues as well as the very bad physical effects of smoking. There can be additional positive side-effects as well.


A study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine provided essential oil aromatherapy to twenty volunteers of all ages, separated on two groups. The volunteers were daily habitual users of nicotine from cigarettes, snuff or chewing tobacco. Then, two different essential oils were proposed to both: black pepper essential oil for one group and angelica essential oil for the other group.

Participants were told to inhale one of drop of essential oil on a tissue for 2 minutes when they had a craving nicotine (roughly the amount of time it takes to smoke a cigarette).

The results were impressive, the inhaled essential oils allowed volunteers to enjoy progressively longer delays between cravings for the next tobacco ‘hit’. There were some essential oil effect differences between the study groups. The black pepper essential oil reduced nicotine craving more than angelica essential oil, and the angelica essential oil allowed a longer delay between needed uses than black pepper essential oil did.


Now, let’s get into the heart of the topic. There are different ways to use essential oils to put your craving in their place and you can even make your own blend.

According to your specific nicotine withdrawal symptoms, you can choose which essential oils to use stop. Identify your strongest craving symptoms…are you irritable, angry, anxious or nervous ? You may also feel lethargic or weak while trying to quit. Here are a couple different blends for each separate withdrawal symptom.

Anger Symptoms Blend

  1. 3 drops of bergamot – 1 drop of ylang ylang – 1 drop of jasmine
  2. 1 drop of roman chamomile – 2 drops of bergamot – 2 drops of orange

Anxiety Symptoms Blend

  1. 3 drops of lavender – 2 drops of clary sage
  2. 1 drop of rose – 1 drop of lavender – 2 drops of mandarin – 1 drop of vetiver

Irritability Symptoms Blend

  1. 1 drop of neroli – 4 drops of sandalwood essential oil
  2. 3 drops of mandarin – 2 drops of lavender essential oil

Nervous Symptoms Blend

  1. 3 drops of bergamot – 1 drop of geranium – 1 drop of frankincense
  2. 3 drops of grapefruit – 1 drop of jasmine – 1 drop of ylang ylang

Once you have selected your blend among these ones, choose the method to administer the essential oil according to your preference, using the treatment of the above ingredients.

How to Use Them…


Multiply all the ingredients in your chosen blend by 3 in order to obtain a total of 20 drops. Place the drops of oil specified into a dark glass bottle, and mix it well by rolling between your hands. Then, insert the appropriate numbers of drops from your bottle into the diffuser according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and let it do its work!

In addition to use essential oils to stop smoking with a diffuser, there will be the added benefit of relaxing after a hard and long day for example. It is a great way to fend off your nicotine craving because of the practicality of the diffuser. You can keep it at your office, home…and it is effective and easy to set up. A diffuser is perfect if you have pets or children. You don’t need to watch them every 5 seconds to see if they are close to candles, incense, and other more exposed treatment methods. No risks of burns, wax spills and other potentially negative consequences.

Air Freshener

Multiply your blend by 6 in order in order to obtain 30 drops.

What are the benefits of an air freshener with essential oils to stop smoking? The craving for nicotine will come up anytime and anywhere and therefore some methods of using essential oils to stop smoking will not be practical.

A simple air freshener of essential oil added to cotton balls in a zip-lock plastic bag will allow you to bring your essential oil for smoking anywhere you are; in your car, at the office, at a café, at someone’s home…literally everywhere! There is no danger of spillage or contamination by transfer of essential oil.

Bath Salt

Multiply your blend by 4 in order to obtain 10 drops. Then insert your final blend in your bath salt recipe, and enjoy!

The benefits are the same as the bath oil, except you add salt to your bath to get more relaxed. Every few minutes, wave your hands through the water to keep your blend dispersed throughout your bathwater.

Bath Oil

Multiply your blend by 3 in order to obtain a total of 15 drops. Then add to your bath water and enjoy.

Bath oils let the oil penetrate your skin tissue and rejuvenate you as well as distract you from your nicotine cravings. The essential oils for smoking provide a double action of penetration through your skin and breathing into your respiratory system as well.

Like with bath salts and essential oils, agitate the water every few minutes to keep your blend dispersed into your bathwater.

Massage Oil

Multiply your blend by 2 in order to obtain 10 drops.

The benefit of massage with essential oils to stop smoking is two-fold. The massage itself is a huge distraction from the smoking impulse and the essential oil naturally delivers its own goodness through the skin and the nasal passages and lungs, with all the inherent healthy properties.

You will be relaxed physically, disconnect your bothersome mental state, and you’ll forget to think about smoking.


Essential oils are not a miracle cure for your nicotine cravings, but they will absolutely help you to calm your smoking triggers, in a few different ways with a multitude of essential oil mixtures. Your desire to quit smoking, your courage to not buy cigarettes, and your strength to not ask people around you for a smoke must be strong.

Give it a try…even if you may want to give up on the procedure. That’s fine, but be sure that you tried it just once, and maybe you’ll get hooked on essential oil treatments instead of nicotine.

You now have all the naturals means in order to help your smoking cessation. No more excuses…have fun experimenting and distracting yourself from smoking in the easiest and most pleasant way possible!